• Scanatic™ Product Family

    The fully integrated solution facilitating flexible and on-demand fashion manufacturing

  • One Cohesive Products Line Solution

    From A to Z

    The essentials for extensive possibilities


    The bodies - through the Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner

    The fabrics - through the Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner

    The accessories, patterns & garments - through the Scanatic™ DC Suite

    The digitalized assets for insights


    The bodies - by using advanced automatic body measurements or connecting your own body scanner to our services

    The fit - by adding joints to create a fully articulated 3D Avatar and/or using Scanatic™ DC Suite to achieve the best silhouette and fit for the creation of your 3D garment

    With disruptive business models, products ranges and consumer experiences


    Disruptive business models - by creating your own app & platform thanks to our APIs

    Product ranges - with 3D garments designed through our advanced Fashion 3D CAD Software, Scanatic™ DC Suite and exported into Stylebook

    Consumer experiences - with individually-tailored size recommendations and 3D assets

    Digitalized assets to grow sales and relationships with consumers


    Digital assets - accessible on the Cloudzet app for consumers to understand their fit, and StyleBook for interactive shopping and advanced retail product management

    Empower your sales team - by swapping spreadsheets and physical samples for virtual assortments to allow your clients to quickly and accurately visualize their wanted designs, true to your proposal - all thanks to the Cloudzet Store App for the iPad & Web plug-in

  • Why The Scanatic™ Product Family
    Is The Perfect Solution For You?

    Advanced Data Analytics

    Easy Integration

    High Modularity


    End-to-end solution

  • One-Stop-Shop solutions for everyone in the value chain

    Ready-to-wear apparel brands

    • Utilize target consumer body shape distribution data for size grading and better production forecasting.
    • Reduce returns due to incorrect sizes.
    • Integrate technology with on-demand manufacturing methodology (Industry 4.0).
    • Offer premium customization services that are more personalized and tailored to fit.

    Made-to-measure apparel brands

    • Use a unified, automatic mechanism to obtain consumers’ digital body profiles in a non-invasive way.
    • Use body profile data to guide production and reduce the need for basted fittings.
    • Increase transaction turnaround and minimize alterations.

    Designers & pattern makers

    • Get the right fit, draping and silhouette for the design using interactive virtual prototyping.
    • Use the visual display for easier pairing and arranging of colors, patterns and accessories.
    • Communicate effectively with all departments, across vendors and manufacturers.

    Retail & E-commerce

    • Deliver a pain-free shopping experience to consumers with intelligent size recommendations to the SKU level.
    • Provide a seamless experience in an omnichannel environment with interactive 3D product customization and visualizations.
    • Offer customers a way to try on apparel in a virtual setting without the hassle experienced in the physical world.

    Fabric manufacturers

    • Digitalize fabric collections in a fast and cost-effective way.
    • Market to global audiences using electronic virtual fabric presentation, either stand-alone or made up as a garment.
    • Control the fabric swatches that need to be made.
  • Scanatic™ MTM

    The backbone of your fashion revolution! 


    With the Scanatic™ MTM, access advanced body data that enables you to truly understand the fit of your customer profile.


    Generate compelling 3D assets (body, fabric, garment) that help you differentiate your brand, and create experiences that your customer will love.


    Innovate from the ground up, by taking the best part of what you already have and adding what you need to digitally transform your fashion business.

  • Privacy at the core of the Scanatic™ Product Family

    At TG3D Studio, we have taken user privacy seriously since our beginning. This is why we've continuously updated the way we handle data in order to always improve our services and make sure you can develop your business without having to worry about the privacy of your customer data.

    Right to be forgotten

    Our “Right to be forgotten” feature on the Cloudzet app allows users to quickly delete their account, personal profiles and measurements at any time.

    Privacy by design

    Since the launch of our body scanning service, we have been protecting data entrusted to us by encrypting and blurring faces on every 3D avatar generated and further complying with standards and regulations given by ISO 29100 and ISO 29191.

    Data Protection Officer

    Our Data Protection Officer is in charge of monitoring all customers’ data encryption into the company database. He is also reviewing and approving every specific access to user’s data for research purpose or other reasons.

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