• Fabric scanning finally made easy

    Digitalize your fabrics collection effortlessly and cost-effectively with the Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner

  • Minimalistic scanning hardware

    The Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner is a photo-based scan box that captures picture samples under optimal lighting conditions to ensure the most precise quality scanning and colour results.

  • True-to-life rendering

    Our Nuno3D proprietary algorithm extracts the most natural display properties, in their smallest digital footprints, to accurately display a fabric's most true-to-life appearance, all in 3D.

  • NunoScan - One app to assist you

    Forget about expensive equipment costs! - All you need is an iPhone 7 (or newer generation) and the NunoScan app (free to download) to guide you through the scanning process.

  • 3D design software integration

    Easily import the different maps generated by our Nuno3D proprietary algorithm into Scanatic™ DC Suite and give life to your 3D virtual samples! 

  • Showcase your fabric collection in 3D

    With the help of the Cloudzet Store, display your fabric collection in 3D by directly applying them onto digital garments for an interactive visualization experience under every angle.

  • How does it work?


    Upload Fabric List

    in an excel files or manually onto the Scanatic™ MTM console


    Scan Fabric Swatches

    by placing your iPhone on top of the Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner and by following the instructions given through the NunoScan app


    Visualize & Refine

    by using our 3D fabric preview tools available on the Scanatic™ MTM Console

  • Features

    Easy Integration

    With any 3D CAD Design Software

    3D generated maps can easily be imported into any Design Software, such as the Scanatic™ DC Suite, for retail visualization and digital sampling.

    Advanced Editing Tools

    Available on the Scanatic™ Web Platform

    Online manual tool available to refine the selection of the smallest repeatable unit in order to match the real fabric's appearances for seamless stitching.

    RGB Color Analyzer

    Available on the Scanatic™ Web Platform

    Our Nuno3D intelligent algorithm is able to automatically retrieve the RGB values of scanned fabrics​.

    Automated Process

    From scan process to 3D generation

    Our intelligent imagery, Nuno3D, is able to automatically detect the smallest repeatable pattern needed for seamless 3D simulation.

  • Ready to embark into your fabrics digitalization journey?