• Scanatic™ DC Suite

    3D Fashion design prototyping and 3D garment creation made easy through Scanatic™ DC Suite

  • From 2D Patterns to 3D Garment

    Let your creativity run wild, and easily design your 3D garment by combining 2D patterns of different lengths and colors.

  • Digitize 2D Patterns

    Simply by laying your paper patterns into the DC Suite Frame and one picture later, you have them accessible in 2D, ready for your 3D garment creation!

  • 4th Dimensional Views

    Review the drape and silhouette of your designs & understand the ease, tension, and correct positioning before investments are made in prototyping.

  • Leverage Your 3D Fashion Digital Asset

    Export your completed DC Suite design project directly into StyleBook and turn your digital samples into marketing assets that will boost your sales!

  • The 3D Apparel Design Revolution Has a Name

    Are you with us?